Here are photographers who have spent time with Gary as guide, workshop leader or general fan of his work. Please add your own testimonial/review using the form at the bottom of this page (takes a minute max!):


“Gary’s Autumn Workshop was fantastic. The whole day was extremely well organised and nothing was too much trouble. With Gary’s knowledge of photography combined with his knowledge of the local area his workshops are a must. Highly recommended.”

Scott Lambert, Enthusiast Photographer

“I recently chose Gary to take me and my photography partner on a customised photography excursion of the upper Blue Mountains. I was familiar with all the tourist locations and wanted local knowledge and expertise to get some great, well composed shots of the Blue Mountains.

Gary customised the day for us, and guided us safely to locations that were slightly off the tourist beaten track.

Gary was organised, very knowledgeable about the area and able to suggest a wide variety of locations. He was flexible and very helpful in helping us achieve our goals for the day. He has a wealth of technical knowledge about cameras, and image processing that he was happy to share with us, and was generous with his advice and shared images of the day.

We both had a great day out and now are inspired to visit his list of special locations to return to when we next visit the Blue Mountains. Thank you Gary.”

Lisa Owens, Enthusiast Photographer

“Recently completed the overnight Astrophotography workshop. Gary was not only knowledgeable and helpful, he showed flexibility in the workshop structure both before and during the night, as the weather wasn’t going to play the game initially. Gary passed on information and techniques in a friendly, easy to understand manner and was both mindful and attentive to the various skill levels within the group and adjusted his mentoring style to suit. After the workshop, Gary was more than happy to field follow up questions via email and offered some valuable guidance once we went into post production. His assistance didn’t stop once we finished the workshop. Thanks Gary, the Mt Victoria area is beautiful and I appreciate the opportunity to capture a small part of it.”

Dan Dwiar, Amateur Photographer

Damian Mt Banks“While visiting the Blue Mountains, I found Gary’s Blue Mountains Photography Hotspots guide to be invaluable. Using the grading system (on difficulty of accessibility) I was easily able to find some stunning locations. I’ve been a big fan of Gary’s work for some time and was delighted to have the opportunity to meet up for a last-minute photo tour. Despite being arranged at short notice, I found Gary to be very accommodating as well as both friendly and highly professional. His knowledge of the local area is extremely impressive, particularly away from the main tourist areas (off the beaten track). Thanks to Gary’s assistance, I have come away from The Blue Mountains with a collection of photos that I am very pleased with. I hope to visit again one day and *highly* recommend booking a tour with Gary. You will not be disappointed.”

Damien Davis, Photographer

 “Had a great time on the Starry Night, Astrophotography workshop. Gary was very helpful and knew the area well which gave us great opportunities to capture the night skies. Thanks Gary, I can thoroughly recommend this workshop, learnt lots had fun and all very reasonable.”

Jenny Davidson, Photographer

“I am most grateful for Gary’s time, and photography passion for the Blue Mountains, that he so generously shared with us. Gary has been an excellent tour leader, informative, down to earth, and so knowledgeable about the secret insights of each location that he has explored for so many years. As a result I walked away with images that I would not have been able to get on my own for sure. Even though I’m far away in California, I’m looking forward to take an other tour with you soon.”

Klaus von Schwanebach, Photographer

 Took the Astro course with Gary. Weather wasn’t that hot due to clouds but Gary put the miles in to find the best vantage points for the conditions. Very knowledgeable and happy to pass it on.”

Jason Bunce, Enthusiast Photographer

TOG Shane Jamison“I’d like to thank Gary for taking me to some of the lesser known photography locations in the Blue Mountains. Gary’s knowledge of the area is astounding as is his passion and knowledge for photography. I’d highly recommend anyone attend one of Gary’s workshops.”

Shane Arrold, Photographer and Tourism Director

“I had a great time in early August on the Hotspots workshop with Julien,Peter and Gary Hayes.The Gardens of Stone was amazing and Gary’s photographic knowledge is immense.From angles to leading lines ,processing,he knows how to convey it to you also,thanks again and catch up sometime.”

Peter Hickey, Photographer

“Gary has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the  mountains. Showed us the most amazing places to capture the best of this area in the perfect light.. Gary was a delight as our guide, friendly and knowledgeable. I was very happy with the photography that I captured and I would highly recommend attending Gary’s workshops.  Gary has a great knowledge of the Mountains and knows the best places to photograph it’s beauty away from the tourist trail.. I will definitely be returning and doing one of Gary’s Workshops this year… thanks to Gary, I will return….”

Lesa Corrine, Photographer


“Gary’s images are without doubt outstandingly beautiful to look at. But further to that, personally, they serve to encourage me in my own passion, provide valuable visual information about the effective use of light in an image and the mastery of great composition. I one day hope to meet Gary, whom i consider to be one my greatest unofficial mentors. Until then… thanks Gary, i look forward to being introduced to the Blue Mountains by you one day soon!”

Chris Steed, Keen Amateur Photographer

“I am constantly impressed by Gary’s photos of the Blue Mountains area, I have lived in the mountains for 35 years and I have seen more beauty, than I ever knew existed in the mountains through his photos. Being in a wheelchair now, means I am limited to the places I can see first hand, I am happy to be able to discover the full scope of Mountains through Gary’s skillful use of the Camera as a medium, to share his spectacular views of the world. Gary has inspired me to get out and take my own views of our beautiful mountains.”

Ben Wilkat, Amateur Photographer since 1970

“I consider Gary to be the best landscape photographer in Australia, at least. His photographs & commentary are, to a photographer, inspirational, he truly meditates on light through his lenses”

Pauli Pariah, Photographer

 “Oh goodness how I love Gary’s photography, he is so creative and wonderful. I have Never had the pleasure of visiting the Blue Mountains, and in the past months he has made the area come alive for me. My partner is Loving that you explain how your achieved the photograph. In fact Ryan tells me that Gary makes the Blue Mountains even more beautiful then what he remembers. Thank you for taking the time to create such magic from nature.”

Deborah M, Director of The Butterfly Experience

“As someone who has worked in many outdoors locations in the Blue Mountains for the past few years, I thought I knew the Mtns well. However, since coming across Gary’s work and subsequently being inspired to advance my own photography journey, I have realised how little I really knew. I’m talking about the little things that often go unnoticed. Gary’s dedication and talent captures our beautiful mountains in the most special way.”

Dal Atkinson, Fan

“Visited your gallery on Saturday morning with my wife Mary – impressive collection of shots and very inspiring on numerous fronts. Currently considering joining your workshops and also to tee up some private shoots with three of my close mates in exploring some parts of the Blue Mountains with you. Photos on Facebook doesn’t do justice of the quality of the stuff you capture. Well done and good luck with the gallery.”

John Van Put, Photographer

“I look forward to Gary’s daily photograph on FB because he captures magnificent views of places I know and love. Often I can share them with family and friends. Sometimes he posts photos of other places, too, which are also beautiful, but I do prefer his Mountains and Sydney shots.  His photos seem to capture the essence of the spot.”

Robyne Ridge, Retired, mountain dweller

“Love your photos, in your work l see a beautiful person with a lot of inner peace.”

Loretta, Fan

“I love to see Gary’s photos on FB. He never ceases to amaze me with the way he captures the essence of the stunning landscapes in the Blue Mountains. Just when I think I have seen the best photo yet, he posts another even better one. Thanks Gary for sharing your talent so freely.”

Linda, Fan

General Social Media Comments:

Malcolm Clune Captures the beauty of the Mountains!

Linley Stevens You seem to always be in the right place at the right time! Love it!

Linda Ferguson Stunning, I love seeing your photos, thank-you, you capture the beauty of the mountains in all her moods and splendour.

Claudia Koelndorfer Good photography. There’s a Spiritual quality to this photo. I may sense this because I grew up in the Blue Mountains and I’ve been to Narrow necl during my younger years. This photo brings back so many memories

Brigid Kirby Gary P Hayes, you take the most spectacular photos

James Crook Outstanding. You are inspiring others with your talented work, valuable insights and generous spirit. Thank you!!

Seng Ung I highly commend you for being so generous and offering such a thorough and awesome article to the public!! That’s a lot of hard work you put in there!

Linda Jocelyn Gary, your photos are special and you also appear to know the mountains well.

Barbara Keyes Now that is not just a photo, its a feeling. You’ve recreated the atmosphere and I can feel it in the photo. 

Darren Broadie Great shot! Dropped into Gary’s Gallery yesterday and he has some fantastic images taken. Highly recommend you go for a look if you get the chance 🙂

James Crook Guys, follow this guy. His photos of the Blueys are awesome

Glynis Anne Faucett That’s for sure Gary and you see heaven in your photos

Elizabeth Cooper-southam spectacular ! exquisite marriage of your artistic eye and technology !




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