2024 dates – Sat 13 Jul (1/2 left) or Sat 31 Aug —

Aimed at photographers who have bought a Dji drone (or who are thinking about it and want to loan one of Gary’s), may have done some basic flying but want to take their aerial photography and videography to the next level. A one day including sunset, beginner/intermediate workshop in creating professional stills and video from the air. The Greater Blue Mountains are a fabulous location to take to the air with a camera and Gary has been shooting stills and video in the area for over 9 years as a resident professional photographer and creating aerial works (video examples below) since he bought early quad drones back in 2010 – many in the Blue Mountains but also recently in Bali, Iceland, UK and Thailand.

Using his own Mavic Air 2s, Air 2, Phantom 4 Pro, and Mini 3 but mainly your Dji drone, he will help you understand how to get the best out of your drone using a combination of the Go4 or Fly apps, improving your flying strategies and photographic mind set – finally then improving on that in the studio in stills processing and video editing. Alongside traditional photography the day will also cover high resolution panoramic and 360 imaging, HDR (automatic and bracketing), long exposure and motion blur as well some advanced cinematography techniques.  Gary has trained in new media and photography since the mid 1990s and currently has an ARN registration with CASA to fly in the greater Blue Mountains. He also holds a NPWS EcoPass for running commercial tours and workshops in the National Park, although for operational reasons most of this workshop will be in just as stunning areas, outside or close to the edge of the official protected park boundaries. For a selection of Gary’s Aerial Film work go here


  • Understanding the capabilities of and control of your drone for aerial photography and cinematography
  • Safety and rules of unmanned aerial vehicle UAV flight in Australia and other countries
  • How to approach the capture of stunning aerial stills and memorable videography using light and atmosphere
  • Exercises in shooting editable video sequences using simple and advanced moves in the air
  • The rules of aerial composition both for stills and video, scale challenges and control over exposure for effect
  • Intelligent modes vs fully manual flying. Filming settings for maximum dynamic range, manual exposure and controller settings for smoother filming experiences.
  • How to post process stills images and basic video editing with emphasis on 4K vs HD and cutting to music techniques – Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere will be used or referenced
  • Around 4 locations will be used to create workshop images and video
  • See below for what you should bring.


  • Day long personal instruction from Gary at approved flight locations and in his Training Gallery.
  • Lunch and late afternoon snacks/drinks will be provided. Cool drinks all day in 4WD
  • Transportation from your Blue Mountains hotel to locations and Gary’s Training Gallery in a single 4WD car
  • Use of laptops (if you don’t bring your own) with Lightroom and Photoshop and editing software for post processing and final video.
  • Workshop certificate and optional sharing of your best image/video clip of the day on Gary’s social site/s

Any questions please email Gary


Cost: $550 per person, max 2 people. In the event of only one booking on a workshop 1 week out, a full refund will be given or the participant moved to an agreed future workshop. Please read the Cancellation Policy before booking …   

Sat 1 June ‘Aerial Drone Photography Workshop’ (1 of 2 left)

Full amount $550 or $900 for two – time 9.00am to just before sunset includes lunch & tea/coffee/snacks


Sat 13 July ‘Aerial Drone Photography Workshop’

Full amount $550 or $900 for two – time 9.00am to just before sunset includes lunch & tea/coffee/snacks



Sat 31 Aug ‘Aerial Drone Photography Workshop’

Full amount $550 or $900 for two – time 9.00am to just before sunset includes lunch & tea/coffee/snacks






Note: aerial workshops will only take place with a maximum of 2 participants (due to the complexity of multiple drones at locations) so as much personal attention can be given to each photographer and we are more flexible in moving between locations. If conditions are not favourable, super high winds or rain, then participants will be moved to future dates. Gary has full public liability insurance covering the group in Blue Mountains NP and his training gallery, an EcoPass for commercial workshops in the Blue Mountains so all appropriate permissions prior to the workshop will have been setup with NSW NPWS office – if we need to fly in the actual ‘smaller’ park boundaries. 

Pre-requisites for all workshops

Note:  photographers without all of the drone equipment below will be instructed in how to get the best out of what they have and see the advantage of extra equipment.

  • PASSION: It is inspiring to Gary and the other photographers if you have a great attitude and can make the best of whatever the weather or conditions throws at us or your expectations of the workshop. We will come away with great pictures and video regardless.
  • BRING: Ideally a Dji drone you have had some basic flying experience of and of course remote control and monitor/mobile. Small drones from Spark, Mavic Air and Pro, up to the Phantom range. Those with Inspires or above can consider booking but bring a smaller drone for the workshop. 
  • BRING: Three batteries (and chargers) to get approx one hour of usuable flight away from charger and at least two 16/32/64 GB blank, fast SD cards 
  • BRING: Filters. ND filters 8/16/32 stop that fit your drones lens, for cinematic video parts of the workshop.
  • PORTABLE DRIVE: Gary will have a portable drive to backup work as we go along and which will act as a server for editing, but if you have your own portable USB 3 or faster external bring that along.
  • DO YOU: Have a moderate level of fitness and able to walk OK on partially rocky terrain with your drone bag (this will vary on each workshop but call for information if in doubt). Gary is not liable for equipment damage, so use protective camera bags at all times when moving between locations or exploring new spots as a group.
  • BRING: Comfortable hiking shoes and a good quality drone bag for moderate hiking with all relevant accessories as below
  • READ: It is recommended that you orientate yourself with the mountains by reading my introduction post A Landscape Photographers Guide to Visiting the Blue Mountains Australia which helps break down the geography and refers to some of the locations we will be exploring.