There is a whole new world up there, to fly like a bird and see the world with fresh, airbourne eyes is magical and constantly fills me with wonderment. I first started flying quadrocopters with cameras back in 2009 and long before that in the 1980s using radio controlled planes, where I used to precariously attach my film camera to the undercarriages! But in the last few years, with the advent of highly portable, stable and excellent quality drones, aerial photography has come of age. I use two drones for personal artistic and commercial projects, the excellent Dji Phantom 4 Pro and Air 2S with it’s 1″ sensor for stunning stills and 4K – 5.4K video and as a backup and on hikes, my Mavic Air 2 and in the past Dji Mavic Pro which can capture wonderful stitched panoramas and very useful 4k video. Having flown over 1500 flights and covered nearly 2000km in the air I am beyond basic flying and now am starting to find my ‘aerial’ voice. I hope you agree. A growing selection below of shots that look great printed.

Please note the website images below are all low resolution 1080px wide images, the print ready originals are between 7000-10000px wide and are all very high quality.

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