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ABOUT: Bridal Veil falls come alive in strong rainfall and you can see where it gets it’s name from – when it spreads out across it’s wide base from a width of a few feet at the top. There are not too many angles available from the trail, but you can scramble a little up the left side for great side on shots with the cliffs in the background and below the falls there are quite a few details to be had across the various sub falls.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: The whole amphitheatre can be covered with a 14 or 16mm ultra wide lens and the very large falls (you are close to the bottom of them on the trail) can be covered with a range of lenses up to 35mm. A tripod to soften the water flow, a polariser to reduce the glare that is quite strong here of course and plenty of cloths to dry lenses as it can spray up if windy.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: A down then back up route from Leura Cascades tourist path makes most sense, unless you are doing the long trail out to Three Sisters on the lower tracks or looping up to Solitary Restaurant area, but coming down the tourist path gives you more falls options of course. From the Leura Cascades car park, picnic area follow the cascades trail, past the lower ‘cave’ falls to the  lookout above Bridal Veil falls and a majestic lookout into the Jamison above Leura creek – then about 20 minutes more up a little past two more above falls lookouts and then down many steps and metal stairs for 15 mins to spots below the main falls. Careful on the slippy bottom area if exploring detailed shots and of course don’t miss Weeping Rock only a few minutes further down the trail from here!

Constant interest in mono and one of my favourite falls, Bridal Veil in Leura

A flock of cockatoos and two visitors above Bridal Veil Falls in Leura