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ABOUT: Although on the surface these two pools may seem best for family afternoon swims they do have a lot to offer a patient photographer. Early morning or late afternoon they are a serene environment and the still water offers great reflectivity of the sky and trees as well as clarity to see to the bottom. Blue Pool is more enclosed forest feel and Jellybean a longer more ‘creek & camyon’ feel. Both are really wide bends in Glenbrook Creek.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A mix of lenses to cover the relative expanses of water but also potential detail in the surroundings, including wildlife. Tripod for long exposures to smooth the ripples and a polariser very useful to remove reflection and see under the water.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: There is a fee system about to operate here because of demand in the warmer months and it is up to you whether to park at the top of the nature reserve area and walk down the road (an extra 30 mins walk, returning uphill) or pay $7 or so to park nearer to both pools. If you do drive down, both pools have parking areas and are about 4-8 mins walk to get to the areas. Blue Pool has more rocks to get to the best spots on the bend.

Glenbrooks Jellybean Pool