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ABOUT: Although positioned on the often busy-at-weekends Prince Henry Cliff Walk, Lady Darleys LO offers the most wide open vista from this cliff edge walk. Although the Three Sisters are not totally visible the wide panorama & great foreground rocky outcrop makes up for it. Go during mist, storms or Golden hours.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: You can bring your whole kit as you will be minutes from your car at the top of stairs directly up to Panorama Drive (approx 5 mins down, 10 mins back). Panoramas are great from the higher platform looking down onto the foreground rocks so stitched 35mm lens vertical images work well and worth bring medium 85mm approx telephotos for framing interesting distant cloudscapes against the distant hills.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: See detailed map below and either park on Panorama Drive and walk down the 5 minute steps, marked in the middle of the pavement railing, or walk to the spot (about 15 mins) from either Cliff Drive View (easy access) or Echo Point center.