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 Point Pilcher


ABOUT: A fenced lookout at the end of a 5 minute dirt road drive from Medlow Bath. It offers a side on view of what you get at Evan’s Lookout with a nice foliage foreground. As it is north facing you get the cliff faces being lit up by the morning and evening light but wouldn’t suggest going there in the middle of day hours. The viewpoints here are limited but the main composition is lovely as you can see in my image here. It is also a good point to get down onto the Grand Canyon trail below you.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A 35mm style lens will capture the basic shot but also a good panorama can be had as you are on a 120 degree view ridge. A medium telephoto will allow you to compress Mt Banks in the distance with the middle ground rocks too.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Drive down to the very end of Grand Canyon road (accessible from Medlow Bath on the right side of the Great Western Highway) and park. The main lookout is a few seconds away.