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Centennial Glen Blackheath

ABOUT: Centennial Glen is a deep gorge just on the western side of Blackheath. Above the actual gorge area is great for sunset shots out into the Megalong & Kanimbla Valley with a fantastic vertical cliffs each side. Descending into the gorge area is quite quick and there are some great cascades over orange rocks to the left (as you get to the main path) or if you don’t mind a bit of scrambling a lovely vertical drop waterfall (to the right) which is quite unique (you do need to take some waterproofs and suggest going with another person particularly in wet weather here. For sunsets up top there is a 10ft boulder on the path (just before it descends to the right) which I always climb up, on the left side, to get a good vantage into the open valley below.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: An ultra wide lens is recommended down in the gorge to capture the tight structures but on top at sunset a 24-35mm is OK, particularly to do panoramas across the scene. Of course a tripod for waterfalls and dark sunset blends, and a polarizer for the cascades to reduce reflections.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Park at the end of Centennial Glen Rd as marked below and follow the trail downhill (it is marked with a map and times), not the route through the steel gate. It only takes about 20 mins to get to the lower part of the gorge where it gets quite tricky to continue down to Porters Pass areas, and only about 10 mins to the sunset spots at the top (best ones are after going around and down the first big rocky outcrop area.

Centennial Glen Falls