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ABOUT: A very large and beautiful waterfall which very few photographers ever get to. It is about a 30ft drop and 40ft wide or so with a traditional fan shaped spread. You have to scramble across a few rocks to get the best positions and on large flow days only one or two positions are available, on small flow days you can walk right up to the front of it on small rocks.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A good sturdy large tripod for silky blurred water and a wide lens, 24mm or wider. A telephoto for nice details especially in the middle of the falls.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: You need to go on the Grand Canyon trail starting from the Evans Lookout area After about 30-40mins when you cross the river for the first time on the stepping stones go LEFT (Rodriquez Pass option) instead of RIGHT (the Grand Canyon option). After about 20 mins you will come to a cabled, official landslide crossing area. Go across that then down to the right (back across the landslide) to the falls which you can hear clearly.