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ABOUT: For those photographers who want the easiest lookout, being 20 seconds walk from the car, but one that offers a fantastic 180 degree view of Govetts or Grose Gorge. It is ideal at sunrise as it is east facing with Mount Hay and Banks in the distance, with a mid foreground of Pulpit Rock on the left. Panoramas are very popular from here also as Govetts Leap/Falls with their 180m drop are on the right side providing a nice frame. Night photography is also recommended although Sydney light pollution is evident over the far escarpment. The only negative of this lookout is easy foregrounds so consider platforms 5-20 mins either side of the tourist lookout.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: You can park a few meters from a long platform so bring strong tripods for low light photograph. A moderate wide angle 28-35mm will give the most pleasing coverage, but ultra wides can get the right Bridal Veil waterfall plus the left high cliffs in one shot. Recommend the usual neutral density or reverse grads and a long telephoto for zooms down the left Grose Valley and distant hills.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Park right next to the photo platform. Consider a short 5-10 minute walk down to one of the two lower platforms for less ‘touristy’ shots & a little more peace if midday.