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A couple enjoy the sunset from Hornes Point

A couple enjoy the sunset from Hornes Point

ABOUT: Hornes point is a photographers and climbers dream area. A high viewpoint over the Kanimbla Valley with the steep cliffs of Blackheath and Medlow on the left and views out to Victoria Pass on the right. The rocky unfenced platforms provide endless foreground options and there are also several sub lookouts below which have vegetation (as in above image). Sunset and sunrises here are highly worthwhile as the distant ridges of Mount Blackheath and beyond provide great backdrops.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A good solid 35mm landscape lens is most useful here as to try to cover everything with an ultra wide will produce bland ‘too much’ going on shots. Obviously the usual golden hour kit of tripod, grads & thinking about blending shots. Also as it is worth spending a lot of time here consider bringing a seat option, cushion or small chair, there really is a lot to shoot up here.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Park at the top of Mt Piddinton near the toilets or on the small loop road around it and pick up the signs to Hornes Point (see the park map below the Google one) – which is about a 20 min walk down a nice gradual fire trail. Hop onto the rocks at the end and consider going to the lower platforms where climbers don’t fear to tred!

Hornes Point Couple and Sunset, Mount Victoria


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