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ABOUT: This is a unique glen and half cave most famous for being used as a set in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (the bit where he visits the kids in the underground dwelling with stilt houses etc). It is a tiny slot canyon leading to a small enclosed waterfall and glen which can be very photogenic in the right light with some mist around.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A very constrained space for photos so ultra wides a must, but given it turns into a lovely glen walk too a macro for flora and fauna recommended. Also it will often be very low light in the cave area so a tripod necessary too.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: After the turnoff from Shipley Road (which comes from Blackheath centre) drive down Megalong Road for about 1km until you get to the hairpin bend in the low image here. Park on the open rocky area which is on the inside of the bend and then walk across the road to the entrance to Mermaid Cave environment.