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ABOUT: One of the mountains most iconic photographic formations, Hanging Rock looks like it is about to topple off the Baltzer Ridge. Sunrise is best as it lights up the rock, but I have been there on partially cloudy late mornings with good results. You can hop onto the rock over a 90cm slit, but photo ops are not worth it.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: Good walking boots as the last section down to the photo ‘edges’ is a little steep and rocky. A good moderate 35mm wide angle will capture solid views, but consider ultra wides on the edge taking in the height of the surrounding cliffs too. Also walking a 50-100m beyond the hanging rock for other interesting Grose views.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Part at the end of Ridgewell Rd at the gate that blocks your way to go any further. Then walk for approx. 4.5km – the track is easy with only a few rocky sections, but it is a bona fide fire trail for the whole route to Baltzer Lookout. The distance between the ridge & down to Hanging Rock is only 5 mins or so but on a quite slippy and vertical slope (be careful).


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