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ABOUT: A ledge that has stunning views across the U shaped Cedar Valley, Lake Burragorang in the distance, a back view of Mount Solitary & weathered rocks make fabulous foregrounds.

The sun comes up from the left, creates wonderful rays across the mist & trees in the valley and skim lights up the edges of the Mount Solitary ridges – castle head and ruined castle can also be seen from the reverse angle.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A solid tripod and if you are getting to the spot before sunrise, descent shoes & warm accessories. A 14mm-20mm gives good overall coverage of the valleys but some nice ridge layers can be had with a 35mm-50mm. Very long 200mm+ forLake Burragorang.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Follow Glenraphael Drive until the locked gate, where you can park. Use the custom map below for the specific location, but walk for about 20-25 mins on the easy fire track.

Just before the track goes very steeply up to the right you will see two stakes and an obvious trail going off to the left across some smooth rocks. Follow this for about 5 mins up a small hill, at the top keep level and follow the trail around to the right, it continues on a thin track through a usually overgrown area and a 2-3 minute walk later out to the obvious rocky platform. Views before the outcrop on the left looking down the gully out to ruined castle and Solitary, then the ridge outcrop through the bushes at the top. Careful of the sheer drop here!