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ABOUT: To the south of Narrowneck and very close to Cahill’s Lookout are several hidden, but easy access walks out to the rocks around Boar’s Head Rock – a fantastic variety of rocky foregrounds overlooking the Megalong Valley. Lookout 1 is the best view of the ‘boar’s head’ shape looking over Megalong & Narrowneck Ridge. Many half jokingly take the sun or mist floating around or directly behind the ‘head’ for interesting but cliched effect.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: Tripod essential as the sun goes down directly opposite these cliffs, so grads or bracket blends critical. A 16-35mm will give good coverage, but panorama stitching is tempting using a 35mm say. A 100mm good for spotting Narrowneck or interesting shapes up and down the ridge.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Park at Cahill’s and walk north on Cliff Drive about 100m, look for an obvious trail in the hedge on the right. It’s an easy 2 minutes walk out to the rocky edge – be careful though, steep drop-offs. See lookout location map below.

South Katoomba Photographic Lookouts.jpg