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ABOUT: To the south of Narrow Neck and very close to Cahill’s Lookout are several hidden, but easy access walks out to the rocks around Boar’s Head Rock, with a fantastic foreground overlooking the Megalong Valley. This one is on the south side of Boars Head rock (looks like a horses or dragons head from this side), but better downward views into the valley and great with mist around.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: Tripod essential as the sun goes down directly opposite, so grads or bracket blends critical. A 16-35mm will give good coverage, but panorama stitching is tempting. A 100mm good for spotting Narrowneck on the left or interesting shapes up and down the ridge.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Park at Cahill’s and walk north on Cliff Drive about 30m, look for the trail hidden (you need to look beyond the hedge edging) in the hedge on the right. It’s an easy 3 minute walk out to the rocky edge – be careful though on cliff edges. See lookout map below.

South Katoomba Photographic Lookouts.jpg