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ABOUT: Weeping Rock is a wide, 12 foot drop falls just above the bigger Wentworth Falls. On light flow days you can actually walk around the whole base of the falls and get within inches of the water, on heavy flow days you can only walk around the left edge. These provide excellent photos on misty mornings but night shots also possible as are all day shots as it is surrounded by trees.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: Bring a tripod for smooth water. An ultra wide lens of around 16mm will capture whole area shots with ferns & trees, a 35mm lens will allow good falls only coverage and longer lenses for some close up detail. There are lots of places for tripods and moving around in front of the falls, plus a unique steel staircase on the left of the falls.

GETTNG TO THE SPOT/S: Park in the main car park and follow the trail to the top of Wentworth Falls. Weeping Rock is signposted as a loop walk. Time from Google link to falls approx: 15 mins walk downhill.


Weeping Rock Flowing