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ABOUT: One of the best walks for stunning waterfalls and a couple of vistas. A descent into a deep gorge along the ridge from Wentworth Falls takes in celebrated falls in order – Empress, Sylvia, Edith, Lodore, Red Rock and Brittania & Vera much lower down. Empress and Sylvia are the most photographed

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A good tripod & ultra and wide lenses. You can get very close to all falls, and a bit of scrambling actually a few inches from great angles. A 24mm is good for most shots but a 16mm area provides best coverage. An ND filter for 3-10s exposures for silky water.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: It is an moderate 30-40 min walk down from the Conservation Hut and the falls are almost next to each other once you descend on the final wooden stairs. The tough part is reversing your trail after Red Rock and coming out. Be prepared for 90+ mins.