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  1. David Marriott says:

    Hi Gary,

    Are your photo guides now protected?

    Can I request access to them? They are amazing and when I have used them for shots eg. Juliet’s Balcony. I have always acknowledged them in the description of my photos on Flickr and provided the link.
    eg. https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidmarriottsydney/16722199026/
    Not to mention following your Flickr page and favouriting (is that a word?) most!

    I’m driving up from Sydney on Sunday for a dawn shoot (sunrise @70 degrees). Any suggestions for a new viewpoint than Echo Point/Scenic World perspective? Would Sublime Point be ok or is there a better

    I’m then off to Lawson (North and South waterfall walks) for the rest of the day.


    • Gary Hayes says:

      Hi David – thanks for this and great that you are finding some great spots. If you PM me on Facebook I can sort out access for you – although this is after your trip. The best sunrise spots are definitely on Narrow Neck ridge and detailed in my guide, the sun is a little too far to the left for sunrise at sublime, but other spots include some further up at Evans, Pulpit Rock (blackheath), Anvil Rock and Govetts plus my favourites around the Darling Causeway and looking down the Grose. Best Gary

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