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Malaita Point 1280px


ABOUT: A varied lookout off cliff drive with a view across the Jamision Valley with the Three Sisters on the left, Mount Solitary in centre and Narrow Neck to the right, one of the few lookouts with this triptych. A few spots to explore. A nice rocky area with a bench at the top with nice foreground tree views, further down a railed area with good valley views, but my favourite is to skirt around the rail on the left out to a more exposed rock with clearer views. Great for all day views but comes alive at sunset more than sunrise as the three cliff features light up red.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A very high top part to these falls which means some distortion with ultra wide angle lenses. You could consider doing a vertical panorama stitch, meaning take landscape format images going up in stages and stitching them later, and adjusting the keystone effect. But a 16mm portrait format will capture them from head to toe, so to speak. It can get splashy here so a cloth before every shot worthwhile and of course a tripod for smoothe 1/5s to 3s shutters.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Simply follow Cliff Drive after you pass the Scenic World main entrance – after 100m you will pass Eagle Hawk lookout and on the next bend park on the big clearing on the right and walk through the gap in the barrier on the left out to the viewpoint – only 60m or so. The marker below takes you to Eagle Hawk LO first.