2024 dates – Sat 22 June or Sat 17 August —

Processing Process

Bombo Dawn VIIThe creation of an amazing landscape photograph is a combination of things. Firstly having great light and atmospherics at a wonderful location is critical to help you produce an image that shines. Seco ndly having the confidence and knowledge of your camera and accessories to effectively capture what is often a very tricky scene, technically speaking. But thirdly and as important are the skills and confidence in using software to really bring your vision to life.

Much like early film photographers who would spend hours in the darkroom fine tuning their prints from projected negatives, todays tools like Lightroom or Photoshop help you post produce or process your images the way your mind’s eye saw the scene. This workshop takes you through very simple processes through to advanced techniques in producing very real, natural looking images that really stand out and grab a viewers attention. This is not just a ‘how to use software’ course like many others, but focused on a professional workflow based on what Gary has nurtured himself over many years.


Gary can pick you up anywhere between Katoomba & Mt Victoria around 9am for a 9.30 start or you can park next to his training gallery (at Pulpit Rock Mt Victoria) and we will spend most of the day in the workshop finishing at 5pm. After some introductions to the Art of Photography, basic capture techniques and theory of light and composition, Gary will then take the group (hands-on with your laptops) through all of the following and more:

  • The Overall Workflow: A clear structure on what it is we want to achieve and how to get there
  • Management: Using Lightroom to import, manage and process images. Overview of the interface
  • Finding the Right Source Images: The editing decisions, virtual copies, cropping, composition – other pre-processing tasks including panorama.
  • Processing 1 Finding Reality: Basic RAW adjustments to control dynamic range, colour, tones, detail, sync groups of images and much more.
  • Processing 2 Layers of Light: Switching to Photoshop to work with layers, masks, adjustments, luminosity selections, blending, stacking, organic vs plugins and much more to help you find the light.
  • Processing 3 Finding Your Voice: Final enhancements and effects or big decisions to go mono or split toned to help you create a series of images or express your intention as the ‘artistic’ photographer.
  • Ready to Share: Exporting for fine art prints, social and editorial web, magazines and more. Includes watermarking and embedded metadata.
  • Putting it all Together: A final session on the workflow and decisions on speed vs quality, pre-visualisation vs experimentation.


  • Personal instruction from Gary at a local location and in his Training Gallery.
  • Lunch and all day snacks/drinks
  • Garys Training Gallery-4Hire of ready to go equipped laptops for post processing if required (must be paid for at booking)
  • Workshop certificate and exposure of your best image (optional) on Gary’s social site/s
  • Transportation from our meeting point to locations and Gary’s Pulpit Rock Gallery Training room in single car

Any questions please email Gary


Cost: $450 per person – 9am – 6pm. In the event of only one booking on a workshop 1 week out, a full refund will be given or the participant moved to an agreed future workshop.

Please read the Cancellation Policy before booking … 

Sat 22 June 2024 ‘Processing Landscapes Workshop’ Full Amount $480


Sun 17 August 2024 ‘Processing Landscapes Workshop’ Full Amount $480

Lower Leura Falls in Flood

Note: processing workshops will only take place with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 participants so as much personal attention can be given to each photographer and we are more flexible in moving through the processing topics. Full payment for workshops are due 2 weeks before the workshop date. Gary has full public liability insurance covering the group in Blue Mountains NP and his training gallery, an EcoPass for commercial workshops in the Blue Mountains so all appropriate permissions prior to the workshop will have been setup with NSW NPWS office. 

PLEASE BRING – A powerful enough laptop that you are used to using. A copy of Lightroom version 4 or above and a full version of Photoshop CS5 or above. (We will be using photoshop for advanced layer work so this is required). If you don’t have these I can supply a powerful laptop with the full subscription version pre-installed. Also a range of your own images in raw and/or some bracketed shots taken on a tripod. (but I will supply many workshop files regardless)

LAPTOP (if required) – Please pay for this separately using same paypal account and we will match it up with your course date

Laptop Booking -‘Processing Landscapes Hire via PayPal’  – $50

Note: workshops will only take place with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 7 participants. Gary has full public liability insurance covering the group in Blue Mountains NP and his training gallery and all appropriate permissions prior to the workshop will have been setup with NSW NPWS office. 

Pre-requisites for processing workshops:

Lightroom ProcessingNote:  photographers without all of the equipment or basic skills below will be instructed in how to prepare:

  • BRING: A powerful enough laptop that you are familiar with and has a working version of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop on it (I can supply a laptop/desktop with both software on for $100 per day if required)
  • BRING: A decent quality DSLR or Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, with a wide angle lens and have a working knowledge of it
  • BRING: Your own raw images too of scenes you have captured. Ideally some where you have two or more bracketed exposures (the same scene exactly on a tripod)  for highlights and shadow correct exposures.
  • DO YOU: Have a moderate level of fitness and able to walk confidently on a small 5 minute trail. Gary is not liable for equipment damage, so use protective camera bags at all times when moving between locations or exploring new spots as a group.
  • READ: You may want to read A Landscape Photographers Guide to Visiting the Blue Mountains Australia which helps break down the geography and refers to locations in the mountains – if you want to capture images of the area before the workshop to work on.