Choosing the aspect or format of a photograph at the location is one of the challenges of landscape photography. Each scene may have multiple ways of shooting it or it may have just one obvious composition format. When I can I favour wide horizontal panoramas, often 1:2 or 1:3 ratios, as they offer a much larger window onto the scene and the angle of view I capture may be up to 180 degrees – within this super wide view I tend to break many of the rules, searching more for an overall feel than formulaic placed elements, but all of my panos are designed to take you into that moment. (Please note I also take a good deal, probably 25% of my panos, in vertical format – and another gallery of those is in progress)

Groupings: One of the challenges of running online galleries is the categories and groupings of images. For this rather large collection I decided to group by the main valleys in the Greater Blue Mountains so we have the: Grose, Jamison, Kanimbla, Megalong, Wolgan and scattered within them specific towns/areas like Blackheath, Leura, Warrumbungles and also a few non Australia ones like USA, Iceland etc:  And to help you find the one you want they are sorted alphabetically too!

The 100+ panoramas in this gallery are super high resolution, many made of 5-10 images stitched together to provide 10000-20000 pixels width and thus can be printed to 2-4m wide without quality issues. Some can go bigger, and some here are a little lower resolution, so contact me to check for bigger prints! Enjoy the wider view

Please note the website images below are all low resolution 1080px wide images, the print ready originals are between 7000-10000px wide and are all very high quality (but if you order a large print then you will be contacted if Gary feels it may not be suitable and of course full refund).

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