As well as several books Gary's photographs appear in dozens of magazines and framed prints in many locations. Here are several samples as of 2016 (yes they need updating!):

Spanish National Geographic

Front Cover and article photosPress Spanish Nat Geo 350px

Blue Mountains Tourist Autumn 2016

Front Cover and Article: Best Sunset Photo HotspotsPress BMT Autumn 2016 350px

Beyond the Lens, Practical Photography

The Story Behind the Worlds Greatest ShotsPress Practical Photography 350px

Australian Stamp 70c

Photo of sunset from Princes Rock, Wentworth Falls
Press 70c Stamp 350px

Katoomba YHA

Four panorama black and whites in foyer and twenty colour meter squares in corridors
Press KTown YHA 350px

Blue Mountains Tourist Winter 2016

Cover of snowy Kanimbla Valley & article on best sunrise spots
Press BMT Winter 2016 350pxBlue 

Australian Geographic

Image used to illustrate Mungo Lake NP article
Press Aus Geo 2014 350px

Exhibition Fairmont Resort Leura

Over twenty framed images in corridors and Misty's Restaurant
Press Exhibition Fairmont 350px

Blue Mountains Experience Winter 2015

Front and back covers, two page article about Gary and 70 images used throughout
Press BMEX Winter 2015 350px

Blue Mountains Tourist Winter 2014

Front cover and part of series of Gary's easy photo hotspots
Press BMT Winter 2014 350px

Australian $5.35 Stamp

A sunset shot of Grose Valley from Govett's Leap
Press Aus Stamp 535 350px

Exhibition Elemental at Govetts Leap Gallery

A two photographer show. Over 25 images on show
Press Exhibition Govetts NSWPS 350px

Blue Mountains Experience Spring/Summer 2015

Front and back covers, two page article on Gary and 50+ images throughout
Press BMEX Spring 2016 350px

Blue Mountains Tourist Spring 2015

Front cover and one page article on Gary's easy photo hotspotsPress ABMT Spring 2015 350px

Blue Mountains Tourist Summer 2015/16

Front cover and continuing series of one page Gary's Photo Hotspots
Press BMT Spring-Summer 2015 350px