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ABOUT: This is the next lookout below Vanimans on the trail that goes from Scenic World down the Furber steps and offers amazing mid-cliff views of Katoomba Falls on the left to the sisters and a slightly obscured Mount Solitary. It’s attraction to me is the trees and foliage in the foreground that can be used to frame a perfect shot at sunrise. The sun often rises just above the distant sisters and in the mist the sun rays can be extraordinary.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A good tripod for sunrise, grad filters to match the valley to the sky (at least 4-5 stops as the valley is in complete shadow) and as wide a lens as you have. A 100mm is good for vertical shots of the falls or the sisters also.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: As for Vanimans, park in the scenic world car park and go up to the entrance. Follow the wooden walkway off to the left until a sign directs you down towards the Furber steps. Walk past Vanimans, keep going down for about 10 more minutes until Juliet’s Balcony is signposted – it is easy to miss it.