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ABOUT: This walk is a very popular just below the cliff top from West Leura to West Katoomba. It takes in many of the tourist central spots but at dawn or after sunset it is a great photographers playground. Most of the lookouts are large & look South into the Jamison with a variety of foreground & cliff orientations, plus there are some lovely gullys which on misty days become very atmospheric. Panoramas are spectacular from many of the locations.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: If you reccy the lookouts you can park only minutes away from most of them, so bring a full kit, unless walking the route. Tripods are critical for early hours and a good range of ultra to moderate wide lenses and graduate neutral density as it is a big sky in front of you from here.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: See detailed map below and scout the lookouts, but photographic friendly ones are Spooners, Lady Darleys and Lady Carrington. Car parking all the way along just above the trail.

Prince Henry Cliff Walk Map