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ABOUT: Evan’s Lookout is the second big lookout spot in the Blackheath area offering tremendous wide open views of the larger Grose Valley area. The upper viewpoint allows views down into the Grand Canyon entrance on the right while the lower left viewpoint allows you to get a better framing on the Grose River running out into the distance. Great sky shots can be had but tricky to find good foreground unless you jump over the steel railings on the left side of the area.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: Super wides around 18-24mm are good plus some long telephotos 100-400mm range to isolated distant ridges. The sun rises right and sets behind so limited ‘sun’ ray options, but tripod essential anyhow.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Clearly signposted off the Great Western Highway and a big parking area with facilities. Walk to the edge only about 4 mins.