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ABOUT: A viewpoint very close the top of Wentworth Falls which offers an interesting view above the top of the main falls and a great view of the Jamison & side on of the cliff faces left and right. Because it is below the rim of the plateau if offers some interesting angles looking back to Leura, and misty mornings or when the sun sets over to the right offers some

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: The falls shot can be interesting in Black and White and a 35mm lens will cover the top of falls view but bring a super wide 24mm range for the valley views and a medium telephoto to compress the ridges off on the right. Difficult tripod positions on this narrow lookout, but in late/early hours you will have it too yourself.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Follow the signs to Wentworth Falls main down a 15 minute track and Fletchers is signposted off to your right just before the top of the falls and is only 30 seconds walk down steps.