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ABOUT: Landslide Lookout itself does not give a great view of the vertical cliff face but on a small easy trail the left of the railed lookout there are some great natural viewpoints back to Narrow Neck,  around to the Three Sisters and Tableland and Mount Solitary in the distance – which are fantastic at sunset mists and sunrise. The railed small lookout is only 5 mins from the road but you can spend an hour or so on the outcrops off to the left if you are fit and careful.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A good selection of lenses on the ridges to the left of the lookout and tripod for dynamic light of course. Ultra wide shots on some of the gullies provides great foreground options but also a medium telephoto for valley shots is useful.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Landslide is a marked lookout on Cliff Drive with parking on the opposite side of the road. Walk down to the railed spot and then go through the gap on the left past the tree and walk out to the natural viewpoints, maximum you can go is 120 meters but lots of spots in between