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ABOUT: A majestic series of lookouts on the western side of Narrow Neck plateau that are ideal for a variety of amazing sunset shots. A steep view down into the more ‘farmed’ Megalong Valley and Kanimbla in the distance with Narrow Neck stretching to your left and Boars Head rocks area framing the right side. You can walk up to the right and along this unfenced ridge for even closer views of the Cliff Drive rock faces, but two or three lower lookouts at the bend in the fire track after the gate are fantastic for sunsets in themselves.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A good tripod and moderate wide plus some good telephotos for spotting distant mountains or interesting rock shapes on the right side – ideal is around 18mm for a good scene coverage.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Park in the first obvious car park on the right as you come down Glenraphael Drive onto Narrow Neck – this is the one with a steel gate just past it on flat ground. Walk through the gate and downhill for about 3-4 minutes and two lookouts are visible through a slight tree canopy straight ahead before the trail bends sharp left.