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ABOUT: Although a good 35 minutes drive down a 4WD track and then a 30 min walk Mount Hay offers a lot of photographic opportunities. The views east into the Grose Valley and river during late afternoon and sunset are second to none and the views north and south over some amazing crags are well worth exploring. If you are confident wait until last light as the path is reasonable to follow in dim light.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A neutral density graduated filter is critical as the skies are bright and the land often in mixed shadows, and an ultra wide at least 20mm to capture some amazing vistas. Panoramas are also well worth considering using 35-50mm and bring a headlamp torch if you are staying late.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Drive down to the very end of Mount Hay road, and park in the left upper car park. Follow the trail and take the right fork which you can easily see goes over to Mount Hay on the right of the car park. Follow the track up into the top crags for great views back down over the valleys. Not worth going to the top as it is forested.