Enquire about custom tours or book a preset one below —

Gary’s Photo Tours are great ways for visiting advanced photographers or film crews to be driven and taken around to the best locations at the best times in the most efficient way. Aimed at people who appreciate Gary’s intimate knowledge of not just well known lookouts, but thousands of photogenic compositions, many off the beaten track. Most tours last from sunrise to sunset with 5+ great locations in-between but customised ones can be discussed.

The tours are designed for advanced photographers/cinematographers who are comfortable with their technique and equipment and just require locations at the best time and orientation to some of the best shots at those spots. Obviously some walking will be required and this is listed below.

There are two types of tours. Preset ones from the list below or totally customised ones created on the fly as we drive around or agreed in advance via tel or email.


The advantage of the present tours are a very structured time so that everything can be completed in the time whereas a custom one (which has weather condition advantages) is more unknown time wise. Choose from the preset tours below (currently WIP listing – detail to be added) – most include sunrise and sunset (SR/SS) locations and start 40 minutes before sunrise and end 30 minutes after sunset. Drinks and snacks provided en-route in 4WD ute or car and several lunch spots selected on the tour day…

  • Katoomba SR/SS with 4 key waterfalls
  • Wentworth FallsSR/SS with 8 waterfalls midday
  • Wentworth Falls, Leura and Katoomba 8 hotspots
  • The Grose Valley SR/SS and midday falls/creek trek
  • The Three Valleys, Jamison, Grose and Megalong SR/SS and midday glens
  • The Big Seven Lookouts – SR/SS and five key lookouts
  • Hidden Blackheath and Mount Victoria special SR/SS
  • The mid mountains Falls loops (Lawson & Hazelbrook) 10 falls plus SR/SS
  • Pagoda country – Hardly photographed formations & features across Newnes Plateau, Ben Bullen State Forest, Wolgan and Capertee
  • many more to come

Temporary tour payment, itinerary and conditions area

Rates vary depending on complexity of the shoot and if any research or permissions are required in advance. The daily rate will be $695 AUD – as an EcoPass holder we can shoot stills for commercial use in the national parks, but professional video shooting will require NPWS permission.  A unique protected payment and agreed itinerary page will be setup for each tour as they are firmed up via email 

Cancellation Policy