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ABOUT: Katoomba Cascades are more vertical & large than the name implies and are a delightful and photogenic quick to get to option if you need to get your waterfall fix. You can get various angles from the bottom and even risk some midway positions if not flooding. The flow of these cascades feeds the main Katoomba Falls so it can be heavy after a few hours of downpour as run off from the town streets higher up.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: Definitely bring a good wide angle for side on shots but also close up to the smaller drops on the right side. Some nice standard lens verticals can be had from the front too, but try to get low with some of the small pools and rocks in the foreground.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Very easy to get to essentially ‘in’ Katoomba. Park in the car park at the start of the Prince Henry Cliff as in map and the falls are signposted about a 50 step down to an easy walkway and even a seat or two.