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ABOUT: The Pool of Siloam is a pristine deep amphitheatre of ferns, small beach, pool and a delicate waterfall that feeds Gordon’s Falls further down. It is a photographers dream in terms of angles and ease of access – the pool, ferns, small rocks or some steps are the only really useful foreground. You can get around the back of it to the left but it takes away the lovely shape of these unique falls. The rock cascade is like an ancient ornament, vertical layers which in the right light seems to gleam a golden light.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A stepping stone bridge at the back allows you to take standard lens shots if you like, but to the left and right an ultra wide is best, as the falls are deceptively high close up. A good tripod which can bed itself in the sandy beach or water is very necessary as it is very dark here at times.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Park in the main Gordons Falls car parks. Go to the far left of this reserve area and across the green and the steps down to the falls are marked. It is about 400+ steps down (approx 12 minutes – a 3rd is on steeper steps) which are still easy, but pace yourself coming back up the same way (approx 20-25mins) about a 100m drop all up.