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 Victoria Falls NSW

ABOUT: Although the lookout is easy to get to, a drive and short walk, the falls themselves are 400m below you in the valley. The pretty cascades are about a 20ft drop but require you to do a little rock hopping and paddling to get a good angle, vs a straight on one from the end of a short tangential trail. The main 60ft falls are about 10 mins further down the creek (follow the Burra Korain campground signs) and you can access the top part with nice valley views or cycle back and down to get underneath them. The lower viewpoints after a little rain are well worth it as these are one of the few falls that have worn down to the bedrock in the valley and a big wide overhang allows you some nice side on views, behind fall views and straight on from the rocky creek below. Lots of valley looking up to escarpment shots on way down too.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A tripod to smooth the water and ideally a 16mm lens to get most of the scene in as the area is pretty enclosed. A medium telephoto to zoom in on parts of the falls too.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Follow Victoria Falls road to the main car park at the end and walk to the lookout. A trail leads off to the left and it will take about an hour to get to the falls – all signposted at the bottom. The first 15 mins are on some rocky zig zags but then you are on gentle forest zigzags down to the creek, and you can hear the falls get closer. Getting back you should pace yourself as the 400m ascent in 2km or so can be punishing in hot weather, good opp to take escarpment shots during plenty of breaks.