I have been trying to add a photography specific blog into this site for a while and not had enough time to do it justice. This is a quick introduction to what I hope to achieve with it.

First an embed of a recent photo as a test –

Rather than get too technical I hope to give insight into how I ended up at the final image. What was going through my mind in choosing a location, the point of shutter release and then during processing. I will add some technical information, as that is important for many readers, but I really want to focus on the end result and what it means, the story behind it and what I would do to improve it.

Also very keen to discuss upcoming photo locations, whether abroad or revisiting old haunts, so perhaps at the end of each photo essay I will do a what’s next or coming up. Will see how that goes.

Finally I may have a few posts about new equipment that are game changers, cameras that mean the art of photography will be impacted in a good way, and this includes post production software and distribution sites.

Hope you enjoy the blog as it develops (btw I have run many other blogs on different topics, including media and marketing top 150 in the world) but this is a personal passion and creative area, and as such I may include some musical posts too as they are part of my DNA and often closely linked to the way I ‘see’ and capture the world.

Cheers Gary