Intro to Landscape Photography Weekend in the Blue Mountains

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Intro to Landscape Photography Weekend in the Blue Mountains

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Saturday 10 – 7pm (depending on sunset) and Sunday dawn – 4pm

The Blue Mountains are a fantastic place to nurture your passion for photography. This two day workshop at the best Blue Mountains locations is aimed at all enthusiast photographers who want to get to the next level with their landscape art. Everything you will be covered in 2 days, sunrise, astro, sunset, waterfalls, midday shooting, long exposures and more, basically all the tools to become a great landscape photographer yourself.


Day 1 –

  • Pickup – You will be picked up at any location you require in the upper mountains (Wentworth Falls to Mount Victoria) and, on the way to Gary’s training gallery we will go to location 1 and look at basic approaches to landscape photography as an artist.
  • Morning – Gary will then offer instruction in his training room and go through camera basics to advanced use along with refreshments. How to take control using fully manual settings and even manual focus – this will be followed by a quick location 2 session at Pulpit Rock, Sunset Rocks or Mitchells Lookout all close to his gallery.
  • Afternoon – After an included local Mt Victoria lunch we will go to two more major locations in and around the Grose Valley for a full practical session using gained knowledge about voice, composition, manual camera, focus and filters. This will be followed by a first post processing session back in the training gallery.
  • Sunset and astro- after a final sunset shoot around Mount Banks or Mount Rigby followed by an astro session then the included dinner you will be dropped off at your overnight accommodation anywhere in the Upper Blue Mountains. Times vary, so check sunset times for date.

Rock Wave Mount BanksDay 2 –

  • Sunrise (optional) – Depending on participants a dawn sunrise can be arranged, times vary at different times of the year – winter a 5.30am pickup and summer around a 4.00am pickup! Breakfast will be included if we do sunrise and we will finish 2 hours earlier, later in the day.
  • Morning – After pickup (if required) a 10am morning post processing session of your sunset, astro (and optional sunrise) images and a detailed look at single frame, blended, HDR, panorama and other techniques to enhance your golden light images. Late morning we will head to several waterfalls and rain forest locations to look at long exposure techniques followed by lunch.
  • Afternoon – This will begin with a hands-on post processing session to help you put into practise a range of Lightroom and raw techniques followed by a final Blackheath and Grose Valley area location to make sure you really have all the skills required to take great Landscape Images. Gary will then take you back to any transport or accommodation point around 3pm.


  • Personal instruction from Gary in the field and in his Gary’ Training Gallery.
  • Lunch, mid-morning and late afternoon snacks/drinks (plus optional dinner on Sat and/or breakfast on Sunday)
  • Transportation from your hotel/rendezvous to location and Gary’s Gallery Training room in single 4WD car. Cool drinks all day in 4WD.
  • Use of Lightroom on laptops for post processing instruction if required. (although recommended you bring your own)
  • Workshop certificate and exposure of your best image (optional) on Gary’s social site/s

Any questions please email Gary

Colletts Inn Cosmos


Cost: $850 per person. In the event of only one booking on a workshop 1 week out, a full refund will be given or the participant moved to an agreed future workshop.

Sat/Sun 2/3 Nov 2019 (sunset 7.26pm sunrise 5.57am) ‘Intro to Landscape Photography Weekend’ $850

Sat/Sun 25/26 Jan 2020 (sunset 8.08pm sunrise 6.13am) ‘Intro to Landscape Photography Weekend’ $850

Note: workshops will only take place with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 participants so as much personal attention can be given to each photographer and we are more flexible in moving between locations. Full payment for workshops are due 2 weeks before the workshop date. Gary has full public liability insurance covering the group in Blue Mountains NP and his training gallery, an EcoPass for commercial workshops in the Blue Mountains so all appropriate permissions prior to the workshop will have been setup with NSW NPWS office. 

Pre-requisites for all workshops

Jamison Dawn INote:  photographers without all of the camera equipment below will be instructed in how to get the best out of what they have and see the advantage of extra equipment.

  • PASSION: It is inspiring to Gary and the other photographers if you have a great attitude and can make the best of whatever the weather throws at us or your expectations of the workshop. We will come away with great pictures regardless.
  • BRING: A good quality tripod and familiarity with using it.
  • BRING: A decent quality DSLR or Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera and have a basic knowledge of it.
  • BRING: Two or three lenses. EG: a good basic kit zoom such as 24-70, good landscape prime lens such as 24mm, 35mm or ultra such as 14mm or 20mm. A telephoto zoom or prime eg: 70-200 or 100mm etc: For landscape work in the Blue Mountains as wide a lens as possible is recommended 14 to 24mm range…
  • BRING: Filters. It is not critical to have all filters as we will explore blending and/or HDR techniques without using them – but any or all of CPL polariser, Neutral density graduated (usually 3 stop) and neutral density full (5 or 10 stop) – the 10 stop is more specialised but if you can for your wide lens get at least a 5 stop ND filter and Polariser.
  • DO YOU: Have a moderate level of fitness and able to walk confidently on rocky terrain with camera equipment (this will vary on each workshop but call for information if in doubt).
  • BRING: Comfortable hiking shoes, good camera back pack and waterproofs/warm clothes in case the weather goes south.
  • READ: It is recommended that you orientate yourself with the mountains by reading my introduction post A Landscape Photographers Guide to Visiting the Blue Mountains Australia which helps break down the geography and refers to many of the locations we will be exploring.


6 Responses to Intro to Landscape Photography Weekend in the Blue Mountains

  1. Peter McKay says:

    Hi Gary,
    Im interested, but I would like a little more information please.

    What happens Saturday evening as you have not mentioned returning to Katoomba
    Will accommodation be included or will we be drooped off at Katoomba and need to find our own accommodation for Saturday evening?

    Peter McKay

    • Gary Hayes says:

      Hi Peter – good question and I will update the site after this message for others.

      I will of course drop you back at your accommodation anywhere from Wentworth Falls up to Mount Victoria after the sunset session on Saturday evening. This will be around 8.30pm this time of year and because of the time of year and depending on participants wishes, dinner will be included between 8.30 and 9.15pm. It is therefore recommended that locals and outside visitors book somewhere for the Saturday night.

      Hope that helps and get back with any other questions. Best Gary

  2. Peter Hamilton says:

    I am coming to the Blue Mountains for two weeks starting this weekend. Do you still have vacancies for next weekend? I will be staying in Katoomba.

    • Gary Hayes says:

      Hi Peter – as of yet the 14 and 15th weekend Landscape Photography workshop is fully open. I generally run it with a minimum of 3 but if you put a refundable deposit on, there are a couple of others also interested. If the workshop doesn’t go ahead I am happy to meet up for sunset or sunrise on one of the days anyhow. Best Gary

      • Peter Hamilton says:

        Hi Gary

        Sorry for the delay but I didn’t really find my round the website. I was looking for a reply against my enquiry. I am still very interested in the workshop. Unfortunately I am just recovering from a very heavy cold but should be able to get round to the deposit tomorrow morning before I leave for Katoomba. I have a grandchild’s birthday to attend tomorrow afternoon but I will try and contact you on Monday. Will you be at your studio on Monday?
        peter Hamilton

  3. Peter Hamilton says:

    Hi Gary

    I am now here in the Blue Mountains. Still got a few drama with health, both mine and family. I tried to phone this afternoon but you were both there. I will try again tomorrow morning. My mobile number is 0416 306009. Internet and mobile contact are a bit hit and miss.
    Peter Hamilton

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