Blue Mountains Magic 26-28 Feb 2015

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3 day ‘Blue Mountains Magic’ – 6am-5pm Fri-Sun 26-28 Feb 2016 – $1345 (includes hotel Fri/Sat)

Many photographers try to capture the Blue Mountains on single day trips and end up shooting The Three Sisters and a few easy waterfalls like Leura Cascades or Valley of the Waters. But there is so much more to explore often away from the madding crowd. This workshop circles around Mount Victoria higher up in the mountains and comprises three different yet full days – two days exploring lesser photographed areas and one efficiently capturing some more well known icons combined with rarer valley, rim and waterfalls. Needless to say you will come away with a great portfolio of known and unique locations.


We will meet for sunrise at Govetts Leap and then travel back to Gary’s Training Gallery in Mount Victoria for a run down of the next 3 days as well as a quick look at shots from the morning session. We will then go on a 1.5hr morning hike to location 1 to capture some late morning light and majestic Grose Valley views. After lunch back at Mt Victoria we will prepare for overnight camping deep in the Grose Valley with the promise of a great sunset and sunrise as well as some lesser known waterfalls on the way down. We will hike back up to Mt Victoria the next day and have a late morning and post lunch assessment session of images and a look at some post production techniques.

From Asgard HeadAfter you have refreshed at your hotel for a couple of hours at sunset on the 2nd day we will travel to a great spot further down the Grose Valley or around to Wollemi NP with some of the most photogenic views. We will all meet at dinner and talk about the final day. Sunrise near Katoomba, many mid morning waterfalls and back to Mt Vic for some more assessment, sharing and post production techniques. Afternoon checking out some key icons between Katoomba and Wentworth Falls depending on the weather Gary with his encyclopaedic knowledge of the area will be helping you get the best images from the 100s of locations available – many of these would have already been discussed on the first two days. A final share back in Mt Vic and then Gary will drop you back at your hotel or car for return journey.


  • Personal instruction from Gary in the field and in his Training Gallery.
  • Two nights accommodation in upper mountains hotel – pre-workshop and 2nd day
  • Lunch and late afternoon snacks/drinks on all days, plus camping dinner on day 1 and breakfast on location on the 2nd day. Evening group meal local restaurants will also be provided on day 2.
  • Transportation from your hotel to location and Gary’s Pulpit Rock Gallery Training room in single 4WD car
  • Use of laptops for post processing instruction if required.
  • Workshop certificate and exposure of your best image (optional) on Gary’s social site/s

Weeping Rock Leura PanoramaGroup Size: 4 max   Cost: $1345 per person.

In the event of less than 3 booked a full refund will be given to all.

PAYPAL DEPOSIT (secure your place) –  Non-Refundable $100 Deposit

PAYPAL FULL (lock it in) – Full Amount $1345 includes $100 non-refundable deposit

PAYPAL BALANCE (after deposit balance) – Balance $1245  

Note: workshops will only take place with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 participants. The non-refundable deposits listed in each workshop are for those who book and pull out last minute. Full payment for workshops are due 3 weeks before the workshop date. Gary has full public liability insurance covering the group in Blue Mountains NP and his training gallery and all appropriate permissions prior to the workshop will have been setup with NSW NPWS office. 

Pre-requisites for all workshops

A Capertee Valley sunset near Glen Davis

Note:  photographers without all of the camera equipment below will be instructed in how to get the best out of what they have and see the advantage of extra equipment.

  • PASSION: It is inspiring to Gary and the other photographers if you have a great attitude and can make the best of whatever the weather throws at us or your expectations of the workshop. We will come away with great pictures regardless.
  • BRING: A good quality hiking tripod and familiarity with using it.
  • BRING: A decent quality DSLR or Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera and have a working knowledge of it.
  • BRING: Two or three lenses. Suggest an ultra wide (14 to 20 ish), wide (24-35 ish) and medium telephoto (60-100 ish). Or combinations in zoom lenses.
  • BRING: Filters. Any combination of – neutral density, 5 or 10 stops. Graduated neutral density 2 and/or 3 stops. Polarizer circular. It is not critical to have filters as we will explore blending and/or HDR techniques without using them.
  • DO YOU: Have a moderate level of fitness and able to walk confidently on rocky terrain with camera equipment (this will vary on each workshop but call for information if in doubt).
  • BRING: Comfortable hiking shoes, good camera back pack and waterproofs/warm clothes in case the weather goes south.
  • READ: It is recommended that you orientate yourself with the mountains by reading my introduction post A Landscape Photographers Guide to Visiting the Blue Mountains Australia which helps break down the geography and refers to many of the locations we will be exploring.

4 Responses to Blue Mountains Magic 26-28 Feb 2015

  1. Tina Stubbs says:

    Hi Gary
    I’m a great admirer of your photography. I live on the Sunshine Coast and I’m planning to attend a family reunion in Windsor on Oct 31. Just wondering if you have any workshops planned around then?
    cheers, Tina

  2. Maureen says:

    Hi Gary
    Wondered if you have any workshops planned for last couple of weeks November and early December
    Cheers Maureen

    • Gary Hayes says:

      Hi Maureen – thanks for this. I am starting to add new workshops for the late spring period – a few new ones there now. Best

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