While my big vistas or golden sunrises and sets certainly have inspirational or impressive qualities it is often my smaller, or vignette type shots around the Blue Mountains that have a little more ‘feel’ to them. Defining feel I suppose is a sense of a one off moment, or a slice of emotion, or sometimes just a connection. These shots are all about atmosphere. Whether the physical sense as in ‘mist’ or rain or in the figurative sense of a moment that exhibits ‘feeling’. Some are about grandeur but most are enigmatic, even partly abstract requiring you to inspect and explore. As with all my galleries all these are available as fine art prints and several will be designated ‘limited’ once they are all titled and priced. But for now, click into slideshow, put some music on and enjoy.

Please note the website images below are all low resolution 1080px wide images, the print ready originals are between 7000-10000px wide and are all very high quality (but if you order a large print then you will be contacted if Gary feels it may not be suitable and of course full refund).

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