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ABOUT: This again is an un-fenced open cliff edge that looks directly into the Jamison with steep drops along its 30 meter or so length. I found this lookout back in 2006 on a weekend trip to the mountains and use it when too much mist covers the early part of Glen Raphael track. Fantastic on misty morning and some really interesting rocky foreground for sunrises directly opposite & a few eucalyptus trees too, but otherwise quite open. A good view of landslide with Katoomba in the background too from the right side, at the end of the ridge as it bends.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: A solid tripod and if you are getting to the spot before sunrise, descent shoes & warm accessories. A 14mm-20mm gives good overall coverage of the valleys but medium telephotos are great for isolating Mount Solitary off on the right.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: A really easy spot, follow Glenraphael until the locked gate and park. Use the custom map below for specific location, but walk for about 5 mins mins on the easy fire track downhill. Just after it levels out look on the left for a couple of unmarked rocky steps and a small trail that takes you out to the ridge, which is only a 1 minute walk.


Narrowneck LO 3