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Lincolns Rock Winter Sunset Summer Sunset at Lincolns Rock 12

ABOUT: Lincoln’s Rock is one of the most accessible and open areas to take wide open Blue Mountain sunsets. It is ideal for photographers who want vast skies and a wonderful 180 degree view of the Blue Mountain’s most popular valley, Jamieson. It is ideal when there is fragmented cloud cover which of course light up nicely at sundown at all times of the year. The sunset views take in all of the Jamieson Valley with Narrowneck and Three Sisters in the distance, Wentworth Falls gully on the right and Mount Solitary and beyond on the left.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: Use ultra wide 16 t0 20mm lenses to capture the expanse, use the many foreground rocks along the 50m or so long natural rock platform.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: To get to the lookout: Park in the two obvious car areas with the steel barrier and just past that a sign with Lincoln’s Rock on it. It is 30 seconds walk to the platform.