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ABOUT: This is a large 20m high overhang in the cliffs 2 mins west of Anvil Rock car park. It is sedimentary erosion vs wind, but the eroded shapes are fantastic at sunrise or sunset. I walked 15m further & up & found higher more intimate caves with views across to the Grose. You can also climb into the overhang safely and take some shots at mid cave height for even more dramatic effect. 

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: You could handhold an ultra wide here for good effect, but higher up a tripod to get the caves & distant Grose blended or use a grad. Not much distance photography here, but some good flora macro and of course telephoto into abstract patterns very possible.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Follow the dirt road from Blackheath (past Hat Hill) almost all the way to Perrys Lookdown, but make a left turn about 1km before Perrys towards Anvil Rock and Wind Caves are about 1km up the hill. Walk left from the car park to the Caves.