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ABOUT: Can be combined with Butterbox Point walk but add an extra hour or so and make the decision where you want to be at sunset (can’t be in both places at once!). Provides great views into the Grose Valley and back to Butterbox Point area on the way up but views are not so good from the top where you enter the woods, so look for shots en route from the crags to the left on the way up. Best shots are of these crags at sunset when they glow orange.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: Tripod essential for sunset and you really need to bring your whole kit as the valley views need ultra wide lenses but more than anywhere else good medium and long telephoto shots abound, so bring a 70-200 or 100-400 to spot those distant views.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Keep following Mount Hay Rd until the end, about 15km from the start of the unsealed section. Park in the so called picnic area, the road is quite rough in places, a low clearance car not recommended, 4WD only. Take into account walk back if doing sundown, torches are possible for the latter part coming back – but you can get down from Mt Hay crags in 20 mins back to the car park.

Not from Mount Hay but from above Butterbox Canyon – it is possible to do this pre sunrise and then get back up to Mt Hay crags.

Grose Valley from above Butterbox Canyon