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ABOUT: There are a lot of un-named lookouts along the Wentworth Falls to Katoomba south facing ridge and this one, just to the right of Gordon’s Lookout is an example. It provides a fantastic framed shot of Olympic Rock on the right, Sublime Point to the left and Mount Solitary filling the gap. Great on moody dawn with mist in the valley.

PHOTO EQUIPMENT TO BRING: An ultra wide or try to stitch a panorama together of the whole scene. The rocky vertical Olympic Rock area on the left also benefits from a 50-85mm range lens, but always try to get some of the lovely rock foreground in shot. The ledge is un-railed & bumpy so a good sturdy tripod in a constrained area recommended along with a graduated filter kit.

GETTING TO THE SPOT/S: Park in the Gordons Falls park area. Follow the short trail down towards Gordon’s Falls lookout and just before the final stairway down to the platform you will see a rough trail leading to the right, this takes you out onto open rocks so be careful.